Experience & Reflection

I recently had to spend sometime on road waiting for a friend. It was just 100 mtrs from entrance to a Jail. That hour of the day likely coincided with visiting hours of Jail as I noticed a lot of people, especially women, walking out from the compound during those 15 minutes while I was there. One very upsetting observation I made was that almost all of these women – mothers, sisters, daughters or wives of inmates – were wiping their tears as they walked out. It was sad and painful to imagine how badly their lives would have been affected and how difficult it must be for them to see how their loved ones, no matter how tough or dreaded criminals they maybe, had been compelled to wash off precious years of their life locked in their cells. But it is only justified as this detention is an outcome of their own choices and actions.

The situation however has an uncanny resemblance to the story of every human being. As a spirit soul, this body is like an entrapment and jail for us. This material body is not our natural and original form. It is a condition where we have to face the inevitable hardships of old age, diseases, death and then rebirth. Our original form is eternal and blissful but due to our own ignorant choice of wanting to lord over material nature, we are stuck in this material world. Unfortunately many of us may not even realize, like many inmates don’t, that we are suffering. However, our loved one – the Supreme Soul – with whom we enjoy relationship as child, friend or student is immensely pained by our situation. Yet since true love is governed by free will he leaves it to us to make the choice to continue with our ignorant, irresponsible behaviour and stay stuck in this material world or to act in line with his instructions and head back to our home – spiritual abode – and relish spiritual bliss. 

So the way we would expect those inmates to have made a better choice or mend their way now for better future; let’s ourselves make a better choice. Let’s use this golden opportunity rendered to us in form of human life and evolved intellect to free ourselves and to bring happiness to our creator and loved one. The first step in this journey back home is to reflect upon the most important and fundamental aspects such as why we are born, what happens after death, why do we die, what is true happiness. As our knowledge has its limitations, we must seek answers in Vedic wisdom – imparted to the first living being by the Lord himself. It will help us find the way back to pure and eternal bliss.

So let’s not waste time and get started. Wish you inquisitiveness to seek answers to the questions that matter.!!