Experience & Reflection

I recently had to spend sometime on road waiting for a friend. It was just 100 mtrs from entrance to a Jail. That hour of the day likely coincided with visiting hours of Jail as I noticed a lot of people, especially women, walking out from the compound during those 15 minutes while I was there. One very upsetting observation I made was that almost all of these women – mothers, sisters,Continue reading “Experience & Reflection”

Pursuit of happiness.

Happiness is something that we are all after and still few seem to have it and they too have it for a limited time. What is interesting though is that what keeps us away from happiness or happiness away from us is our ‘desire’ to be happy. One of the attributes of this desire isContinue reading “Pursuit of happiness.”

Freewill: Asset or liability?

Vedic texts suggest that in order to have a natural, reciprocal, mutually engaging relationship with his creation, God accorded freewill to all spiritual entities. However, few entities, in resemblance to God, wanted to be able to enjoy independently and be the lord. Such entities were then sent to this material world with freewill to enjoyContinue reading “Freewill: Asset or liability?”


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