Freewill: Asset or liability?

Vedic texts suggest that in order to have a natural, reciprocal, mutually engaging relationship with his creation, God accorded freewill to all spiritual entities. However, few entities, in resemblance to God, wanted to be able to enjoy independently and be the lord. Such entities were then sent to this material world with freewill to enjoyContinue reading “Freewill: Asset or liability?”

Life – the missing narrative (1)

It is difficult to ignore the tear-jerking, message-oriented advertisements of trivial products like detergents that make these product brands come across as something more than what they are – a simple solution to wash our dirty laundry. These brands are striving to acquire more mind-space than what such a daily use object deserves. Not justContinue reading “Life – the missing narrative (1)”

Not better Technology but better Human-beings will save the world.

Today, we have guided missiles but unguided men. Its interesting to note that in almost every second article, every conference, every gathering, technology is considered to be the Holy Grail and is projected as the silver bullet for all kind of social, economic, environmental and human psychological problems. Each one of us young or oldContinue reading “Not better Technology but better Human-beings will save the world.”