Dangers in search of absolute truth

A clear marker of an intelligent person that distinguishes him/her from rest is the quality of questions he/she asks. Rather, inquisitiveness about the world around us and especially the philosophical queries about our own self is what makes humans superior to the animal species and one with a refined consciousness exhibits this trait more thanContinue reading “Dangers in search of absolute truth”

How to start your spiritual journey?

There is a simple 3 step process to kick start your journey – REFLECT, DISCOVER & COMMIT Athāto brahma jijñāsā – “ Now is the time to inquire about the Absolute Truth” If not for a major life threatening incident, the fast-pace of our life doesn’t allow us to to introspect on our own trueContinue reading “How to start your spiritual journey?”

What are the key stages of spiritual advancement?

Advancement means Progress. It means Positive Movement or Displacement from one point to another. To answer the question – what is Spiritual advancement? – we need to to understand our current spiritual situation and then logically realize what would a positive movement from this starting point be. In absence of guidance by a Guru, Aacharya –Continue reading “What are the key stages of spiritual advancement?”