T-Square Labs

Helping Overcome the Challenge of Conditioning & Consciousness

In line with our “Pay It Forward” philosophy, we curate free life design workshops, mentoring sessions with the underlying theme of transforming, together.

We facilitate internal transformation to help youth transform into conscious leaders; leaders with a sense of purpose, clarity of thought, strong resolve & capabilities to transform external world into a better place.

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Each one of us is uniquely gifted and has an inherent potential to do good, for ourselves and for others. This latent potential is the biggest promise and hope that youth offers to the rest.

While on one hand talented people, in premier colleges & corporate institutions, with access to numerous opportunities has aspirations to better the world, yet at the same time they are also struggling with a set of unique limitations.

Increasing burden of peer & societal expectations to be ‘successful’; a fragile & disintegrating emotional support-system; consumption-centric life-philosophy that encourages self-indulgence resulting in emptiness & frustration; are all collectively responsible for a growing distance & disconnect between what our youth is capable of and what they end up doing.

A self-exploration program can help bridge this gap & disconnect in a proactive manner before it takes shape of a personal & collective crisis.

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Our Transformation Labs are structured in form of interactive workshops. These are blended mentoring and self-exploration sessions conducted to unleash latent consciousness and potential of the participants. 

T-Square Labs work is focussed on youth, primarily college students & fresh graduates.


The labs are designed to help young individuals introspect and reflect upon critical queries such as purpose of life, true meaning of success and articulate a life-philosophy essential to lead a fulfilling personal and professional life. The guiding life-principles deciphered during the labs help participants develop a holistic worldview & broaden their horizons.

The realization about need to discover their true potential and develop a temperament essential to be successful helps participant commit themselves to the pursuit of personal excellence and to create a better world.

For any queries, please write to: rohit.choudhary@iitbombay.org